Apply now to Eltel

Apply now to Eltel

To develop our business successfully, we are constantly looking for newly qualified people for employment in different parts of our organization and in different countries. Our position as the Infranet industry leader is crucially dependent on our ability to recruit, retain and develop our employees.

There are no predetermined career paths in Eltel, so your opportunities are unlimited. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit we will help you develop the skills you need to succeed in your job. Our pace is fast. Every day is a challenge. How far you want to go with us depends entirely on you.

If you are happy with your present job but would like us to keep your CV or application in our system without linking it to a specific job, you can fill in an open application. Who knows, an occasion for contact may arrive sooner than you (or we) expect.

To submit your open application, follow the link.

If you are interested in certain business or geographical area – visit our country pages for the open vacancies available.

Visit our country pages for the open vacancies available