Corporate Responsibility in focus

Eltel works with customers whose core business is the functionality of our society. Availability, cost and sustainability are key requirements of utility and other infrastructure services. These set important expectations for us as their partner. Eltel’s ambition is to be an industry benchmark in many aspects of corporate responsibility, both operationally and strategically. Due to our business definition and portfolio, we are in pole position to make a positive impact on sustainable development.

Economic expectations

Economic expectations of stakeholders relate to competitiveness and profitability. Customers expect Eltel to serve both short- and long-term needs. This is only possible when we generate profits short term and secure resources to develop operations and Corporate responsibility in focus solutions in the long term. Despite working in a highly competitive market, our financial performance has been stable ensuring future sustained development. Our financial reporting practice is at a high level, and performance predictability has greatly improved.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility means taking care of our employees and being a good citizen in the societies in which we operate. Employee well-being is crucial for a service company with 9,500 people in various conditions and cultures. We develop professional and leadership skills in all employees, offer occupational health services, and promote participation in sports activities. Our ambition is to be the industry’s best workplace.

Eltel has made a great journey from being a Nordic-based company to being a truly multi-cultural corporation where cross-border collaboration between employees is natural.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility is present in the design and execution of power lines or mobile base stations. Optimisation of logistics and movement of a fleet of over 4,500 vehicles has been developed to reduce costs and emissions. GPS solutions have reduced driving distances by up to 15%. We participate actively with customers and partners in deployment of charging networks for electric vehicles and pilot their usage in our own fleet. Eltel’s power network, renewable energy and smart-grid activities and innovations have a direct impact on improving energy efficiency and safety in our society.


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