Eltel celebrates its 15 years

15+1 stories about Eltel – a pioneer of the Infranet industry

In 2016, Eltel celebrates 15 years. During the summer we are going to publish 15+1 stories about how Eltel has developed as an Infranet company. We hope that these stories will give you a more in-depth view of how we have implemented our mission in securing the lifelines of modern society.

Eltel defines the Infranet market

In spring 2014, Eltel began taking a closer look at the Infranet market and the company’s role in the new market.

Engagement and winning teams at Eltel

Employee motivation and wellbeing are at the heart of modern organisations.

Eltel develops cross-border workforce

In 2012, Eltel started to ramp up its cross-border capabilities in response to the shortage of skilled personnel in high-employment countries like Norway, Denmark, Germany and the UK.

Growth and new branding

In 2011, Infranet markets experienced a major upswing. This helped Eltel to grow net sales by 18% from the previous year.

Eltel goes international

In 2010, Eltel began organising its core businesses and 400 field teams under new international business units.

Eltel Way and new CEO

In 2009, after several years of successful operational planning and development, Eltel had secured its place in the Nordic market. With the appointment of a new CEO in the summer of that year, it was time...

Eltel teams lead the way

Most companies are organized like pyramids, where HQ calls the shots and everybody else listens. Not Eltel.

Eltel Best Practices

Service industries are under constant pressure to raise their game. Businesses need to deliver better quality faster and more cost effectively than ever before. The upside is that many companies have turned...

Platform for efficiency

In 2006, Eltel needed to unify its service and delivery processes after a period of rapid growth following the merger with Swedia and several company acquisitions.

Eltel secures lifelines of society

In 2005, Eltel’s ability to secure the lifelines of our society was put to the test during the Swedish RAKEL project, an ambitious design, implementation and operations and maintenance (O&M) contract f...

Eltel and Swedia join forces

In December 2004, Eltel was acquired by Industri Kapital. The acquisition was a turning point in Eltel’s history as it enabled the company to team up with Swedia Networks.

Eltel expands to Poland

In 2004, ten new countries, many of them from former Eastern Bloc, joined the EU, including Poland.

New Eltel gets started

In 2002, Eltel celebrated its first year of operations.

Birth of Eltel

Eltel Networks was born when CapMan acquired IVO Transmission Engineering from Fortum in 2001.