The Eltel Way – road to success

The Eltel Way is a leading business services model and differentiator in the Infranet industry. The Eltel Way outlines how we organise, empower and support our employees to improve processes and guarantee outstanding customer delivery. We also believe the Eltel Way is a key factor behind Eltel’s market leading positions.

What we do

Eltel operates in an integrated business model where cross-geography experiences ensure best practice in each business segment.

Eltel operates close to the customer and has a business driven organisation that is built from the bottom-up with the line in charge. Maximum performance from every person is possible through empowerment and personal contribution of our managers.

Leadership development is an integrated and prioritised part of Eltel’s operations, which makes it hard to duplicate. Initiatives in several key focus areas make leaders stand out.

  • Large responsibility and performance incentives result in high leadership quality and development
  • Knowledge sharing and cooperation through integration
  • Continuous investment in competence development
  • Health and Safety is highly prioritised internally and externally

What you get

Eltel’s value promise has never changed. It is part of who we are, what we do and how we are perceived. We are boosting Infranet quality by ensuring:

  • Availability, quality and flexibility
  • Competitive costs
  • Skilled people
  • Innovation

Eltel has the critical Infranet competencies and combines them to offer synergies and opportunities for operators and utilities.

By being one of the largest players in the market, with ongoing customer deliveries in over ten countries, Eltel builds a knowledge database of state-of-the-art solutions. Ground-breaking methods in one single project can be implemented on equivalent projects on all markets.

From a customer perspective, working with Eltel means entering into a close partnership – most of our key customers have been with us for more than ten years. Especially appreciated is the local flexibility and efficiency in decision-making combined with high quality service delivery, which is enabled by a decentralised and specialised business model.


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