Nomination Committee for AGM 2016

According to the rules of procedures for the Nomination Committee, the committee shall consist of four members. The rules of procedures for the Nomination Committee comply with the Swedish Corporate Governance Code.

The members of the Nomination Committee shall, in connection with their assignment, accomplish their duties in accordance with the Swedish Corporate Governance Code. The Nomination Committee’s main duties are to propose candidates for the post of Chairman and other members of the Board of Directors, as well as fees and other remuneration to each member of the Board of Directors. The Nomination Committee is also to make proposals on the election and remuneration of the statutory auditor. Shareholders in Eltel are invited to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee.

Following the change in the ownership of Eltel AB, the composition of Eltel’s Nomination Committee changed in March 2016. Eltel’s largest shareholder 3i Group plc reduced its holding from 20.00% to 7.60% and consequently stepped down from the Nomination Committee while Lannebo Fonder took on the position.

The Nomination Committee members as of March 2016 were:

  • Joakim Rubin, Zeres Capital (12.90% of votes)
  • Lars Bergkvist, Lannebo Fonder AB (9.89% of votes)
  • Marianne Flink, Swedbank Robur Fonder AB (9.42% of votes)
  • Per Colleen, The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4) (9.22% of votes)

The Nomination Committee members represented 41.43% of the votes in the Company’s.