Eltel’s Communication offering

Modern society is entirely dependent on communication networks, with greater digitalisation and ever-increasing demands on data usage and connectivity driving the adoption of the latest technology.

Eltel provides comprehensive installation and maintenance services to telecom operators and other owners of communication networks. This includes the design, planning, building, installation, upgrade, operation and service of mobile and fixed networks. Eltel is a pioneering service provider that has introduced a number of game-changing innovations and solutions to the infranet market. We do this in close cooperation with our customers, operators and suppliers.

We are the market leader in the Nordic region with operations in the Nordics, Lithuania, and Germany. Our business is characterised by long-term customer relationships, with a regular inflow of orders that are primarily generated through frame agreements. Activities are mainly driven by technical upgrades, maintenance needs and increasing demand for improved capacity and faster networks.


Eltel AB POB 126 23, SE-112 92 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel. +46 8 585 376 00 | E-mail: info@eltelnetworks.com