Securing the lifelines of a sustainable society

At Eltel we build, install and secure the operation of electricity and communication networks. We address important megatrends such as climate change, digitalisation, urbanisation and the growing need for infrastructural security at all levels of the company with the same goal – to build a more sustainable world today and for future generations.

Eltel’s commitment and sustainability approach

Being a socially responsible actor is a prerequisite for successful business operations. Alongside financial performance, stakeholders increasingly value social and environmental topics/targets. Sustainable operations also offer great opportunities for Eltel and ensure the availability of natural and human resources long term.

As a pioneer in technical infranet services, Eltel also wants to demonstrate best practices in terms of sustainability and respond to stakeholder needs. Eltel is committed to being a good member in societies where we operate. Our business approach is long term, as are the interests and investments of our customers.

Eltel joined the United Nations Global Compact as a signatory in 2014. We are committed to respecting human rights, aligned with the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and we made our first disclosure to the Carbon Disclosure Project in 2016.

Eltel has set specific sustainability targets in four different areas: Health and Safety, People and Society, Environment, and Supply chain.

Eltel’s new sustainability plan

Eltel’s new sustainability plan 2018–2020 is based on the priorities of previous years – Environment, People and Society, Health and Safety and Supply Chain – but the scope of activities and performance reporting will be more versatile. Eltel is therefore well prepared to deliver the non-financial reporting set out in the new EU directive.

Key facts 2017

Health and Safety

  • The Lost Time Injuries Frequency Rate (calculated as the number of lost time injuries per million working hours) declined to 7.0
  • The number of near-miss and potential incident reports increased to 4,230, +10% per working hour
  • Absence due to illness including long-term illness increased from 4.0% to 4.5%
  • The number of fatal accidents was 0
  • The percentage of “category A subcontractors and suppliers” joining Eltel’s H&S programme amounted to 85%

People and Society

  • 74% of all employees responded to the Employee Engagement Survey
  • Key findings show a high degree of loyalty and satisfaction with the job content as well as some improvement needs within leadership and communication
  • Team discussions have taken place and 747 improvement actions have been agreed
  • Eltel Human Resources Policy has been updated with stronger statements on diversity, equal treatment and the zero tolerance against harassment and violence
  • The share of female employees increased from 12% in 2016 to 14% in 2017
  • Eltel paid a total of EUR 353.5 million in wages and salaries in 2017


  • Reduction of CO2 emissions of own fleet meets the 4% annual reduction target
  • Systematic monitoring of environmental incidents in development
  • Rollout of 1.6 million smart meters in Norway and Denmark in progress
  • Implementation of the latest technology charging stations for electric cars
  • Virtual workplace development and digitalised work processes

Supply Chain

  • 1,006 subcontractors or have been identified as category A partners
  • 85% of these have in writing committed to comply with Eltel policy
  • Reporting of HSE performance has started in all Eltel countries


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