The growing importance of sustainability

Sustainability is an important part of our business – both in terms of our infranet services that enable a more sustainable society, and through the direct impacts of our operations on our employees, partners and the environment.

Our performance in terms of environmental and social topics is increasingly important to our stakeholders. Customers and investors are placing greater sustainability demands on us, and employees want to work for companies that are responsible corporate citizens. More sustainable operations are aligned with our Operational Excellence strategy, for example by improving efficiency and cost savings through reduced fuel use, less accidents, first time resolution and lower sick leave among our employees.

Eltel’s approach to sustainability
Our Sustainability Plan 2018–2020 is based on five focus areas. We consider these areas to be our most important priorities in terms of managing our sustainability impacts.

  • Health and Safety – we promote a proactive health and safety culture towards our goal of zero accidents.
  • People and Society – our activities directly affect the people we employ and partner with, and indirectly through securing the lifelines of modern society.
  • Environment – we work to reduce the direct environmental impacts of our operations, and Eltel’s infranet services help reduce society’s environmental footprint.
  • Supply Chain – it is essential that our sub-contractors and suppliers live up to our standards to ensure we are able to deliver high-quality services to our customers.
  • Business Ethics – as a company working to secure society’s lifelines, we have an important role to play as a good corporate citizen.

Abiding by international principles
Eltel is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and its ten principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, which demonstrates our commitment to adopting more sustainable and responsible policies.


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