About Infranets

Megatrends such as climate change, digitalisation, urbanisation and the need for security influence the conditions for our activities and offer both opportunities and challenges. They influence the primary end markets for electricity and communication networks, which are developed, upgraded, commissioned and maintained to meet people’s day-to-day needs.

The term Infranet was created by Eltel more than 10 years ago as a collective term, based on the words infrastructure and networks.

The Nordic countries were pioneers in Europe in the deregulation of electricity and telecom markets, which has created a strong position for us in the Nordic region and an advantage when other markets in Europe are deregulated.

Future markets for technical infranet services are characterised by trends such as increasing regulatory requirements, increasing outsourcing levels, ageing power infrastructure, increasing use of renewable energy and energy efficient solutions, technology-driven changes in consumer demand and network convergence.



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