Our services

Eltel provides field services for critical power and communication infrastructure networks – infranets.

Securing the lifelines of modern society

We keep society working by ensuring power can be supplied to end users and by securing good communication connections. Our services also make society more robust with well-managed and modern power and communication networks. We are proud professionals who know our work makes a difference.

Eltel – shaping the infranets of the future

Our customers include telecom operators and other owners of communication networks. We also work for owners of power distribution grids and national transmission system operators.

Most of our work is conducted through long-term frame agreements that range from two to five years. This enables us to create and maintain long-term relationships with customers – and work closely with them to achieve their objectives. We do this through our Operational Excellence strategy, which focuses on delivering on our customer promises, streamlining our operations and improving productivity.

What is an infranet?

The term ‘infranet’ was created by Eltel over a decade ago as a collective term based on the words ‘infrastructure’ and ‘network’. The infranet sector covers how power and communications networks are developed, upgraded, commissioned and maintained.


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