Eltel Sustainability Review 2014

A wind park harnessing storms in the very north of Finland. Power lines reaching a rural village in Botswana, lighting up a health centre. Two great examples of Eltel’s role in meeting tomorrow’s energy challenges. Our core business is building, connecting and caring for the lifelines of our society when it comes to power, communication and transportation. In that way we operate at the very heart of a more sustainable society.

In 2014, Eltel formalised its sustainability efforts by signing the United Nations Global Compact initiative. This initiative is a principle-based framework for businesses to work proactively for human rights, working conditions, anti-corruption and fair business issues as well as to report on their implementation.

The four dimensions in the Global Compact initiative overlap well with Eltel´s previous efforts in the eld. In fact, we have organised our strategic sustainability efforts in four similar dimensions: environment, employee, economy and health & safety. This sustainability review focuses on the non-financial elements of reporting.


We contribute to a more sustainable society through our core business, which is increasing energy efficiency by building and fine-tuning smart grids and smart metering systems. We also implement turnkey wind power parks and underground road cabling as well as boost internal efforts when it comes to emission goals.


Our culture and way of working is manifested in The Eltel Way, which includes regulations and policies as well as the highlighted values and
internal culture that enable us to boost transparency and ethical behaviour. In 2014 Eltel started an e-learning project that improves compliance with The Eltel way guidelines, reporting and policies.

Health & Safety

Eltel staff often work under hazardous conditions, which is why ensuring safe working conditions is a top priority for us. From day one we seek to implement our Zero accident vision. Among our other initiatives we have built a training centre in Poland to enhance occupational safety. We will continue to minimise lost time injuries, minor injuries and near misses.

This Eltel Sustainability Review is the first of its kind. In the reporting sector we are introducing some new elements. We are also actively developing the scope and framework of our future reporting.

We are convinced that we are on the right track to reach our vision of being the strong contributors to building the smart and sustainable society of tomorrow.

Axel Hjärne

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