Eltel Sustainability Review 2015

The change from a privately owned company to a listed one in February 2015 is a major milestone in Eltel’s history. The arrival of new owners and analysts, combined with increased media interest, has necessitated a change in the way we communicate who we are and what we do. It has redefined the manner in which we present our goals, policies, procedures, and financial performance.

We have reviewed our social and environmental impacts, assessed potential risks that are inherent to the global technical services industry and to the nature of our operations, and put in place mechanisms to address these. We have given particular emphasis to the following areas:

Employee management
All Eltel teams work in accordance with the Eltel Way, which originates in our shared experience and commitment to the best practices in all the countries where Eltel operates. Our ambition is to be the industry’s best workplace with the best people in the Infranet field.

Safety at work
While the number of work-related accidents at Eltel stabilised in 2015, the rate is still too high. We have set a new target for reducing injury frequency in 2017, which will require major effort from all our employees. After many years of zero fatal accidents, it is unfortunate that one of our technicians in Poland lost his life in 2015. In order to avoid these in future, the focus will continue to be on performance without failure in terms of managing site risk assessments, optimising work methods, enforcing the use or personal protective equipment, and promoting Health & Safety attitudes and values. Achieving zero major injuries continues to be our visionary goal for the future.

Subcontractor compliance
In addition to relying on our own employees, our service delivery depends on competent subcontractors and suppliers. We already have certain procedures in place, such as requiring our suppliers to commit to the Eltel Code of Conduct, but this is not enough. Therefore we have launched a new programme to ensure that all high-risk partners comply with Eltel procedural and reporting requirements.

Compliance in Africa
In 50 years of delivering power projects to African utilities, Eltel has become one of the most experienced European companies to venture in the region. The countries and projects where we participate are carefully selected, together with the pertinent financing and governmental bodies. However, we recognise that the risks related to work safety, human rights and bribery must be carefully managed.

Contribution to the environment
Eltel contributes significantly to building, upgrading, and maintaining smarter Infranets that will lead to a lower impact on the environment. To deliver all these services, we need a large number of cars and vans. We have now included in our report the entire vehicle fleet that we use to carry out customer orders and its emissions in the ten European countries in which we operate. We have also set an annual emissions reduction target for our fleet.

Eltel is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, and in August 2015 we delivered our first Communication on Progress report. This exercise has been most interesting for us and we were happy to outline several good processes and communicate the results of our work. While progress has been made in many fields, Eltel needs to evolve together with the world around us and continuously introduce new ways to ensure Sustainable Infranets for the Future.

Axel Hjärne, CEO and President of Eltel

Change on 23 May 2016:
The figure for total fuel consumption in the KPI chart, page 15, is changed to total CO2 emissions.

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