Eltel wins Huawei’s European Health & Safety Award 2016

Eltel has won Huawei’s European Health & Safety Award 2016. The announcement was made at Huawei’s Europe Partner Convention 2016 in Dusseldorf in October 2016. Huawei is one of the world’s leading provider of information technology and telecommunications solutions and Eltel has collaborated with Huawei for ten years in the European mobile rollout projects.

Health & Safety has been an ever growing focus at Eltel since 2011 when a new programme was launched to change the culture to becoming more proactive in terms of preventing accidents and injuries. A new Health, Safety and Environment policy and a Group wide management system were introduced at that time. Some of the key focus areas were systematic reporting of incidents, activating site visits and near miss reporting and communication of concrete cases with Eltel’s personnel in order to eliminate accidents by being proactive. The role and example of all managers has been emphasized to establish safety procedures as a common practice throughout Eltel.

Huawei’s Procurement Qualification Department comments: “Huawei’s European Health & Safety Award 2016 given to Eltel celebrates a moment to formerly thank Eltel and its employees and efforts as a contractor for contribution and achievement in Health & Safety. This is a significant milestone that we all can be proud of. At Huawei, in line with the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics, we endeavour to hire only those partners that share our commitment and work together to realize them. At this Health & Safety is a first priority at Huawei. The partner’s employees’ safe work in this period is highly appreciated.”

Håkan Kirstein, President and CEO – Eltel AB comments: “Huawei’s recognition of Eltel for our Health & Safety performance in our mobile business is warmly received and motivates all our people to work towards even higher standards. We often climb up high masts and towers in a variety of weather conditions, there are everyday hazards like cutting cables with knives, lifting heavy items, slippery grounds and traffic conditions. We have a good history of working with Huawei in many European countries and this has benefitted all stakeholders from operators to customers, employees and the whole society. Together we have implemented a huge amount of state of the art networks in Europe and now we have passed another milestone by showing that working in a safe and healthy way is value adding for us all.”

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