Eltel is active in an industry that plays an important role in the transition to a low carbon society. As the market leader in the industry we must live up to the expectations of our customers, shareholders and society.

Eltel is active in many services that enable society to reduce its environmental footprint. In 2019, we installed wind power plants in the Nordics, as well as charging stations and solar panels. We upgraded networks, so they can manage an increased supply of renewable energy and support electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Our approach

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy states how we shall minimise the environmental impact of our operations and monitor potential incidents. All units shall maintain local certified management systems based on ISO 14001. In 2019, no major environmental incidents occurred as a result of our operations.

Our impact

The main source of our environmental impact is our fleet of 3,789 vehicles. By keeping a modern, fuel-efficient fleet we reduce emissions per kilometre. Everytime a lease contract is bound to be renewed we consider the possibility to switch to lighter vehicles that consume less fuel, hybrids or electric vehicles. Our ambition is to electrify the fleet as technology develops. Since our vehicles are leased over five year the update of the fleet has to be an ongoing and long-term project.

Besides keeping a modern low-emission fleet, we plan jobs in such a way as to ensure that we don’t drive more than necessary. GPS systems coupled with technicians who can perform a range of tasks optimise fleet usage. The use of digital tools is one example of how we can plan orders better. Preliminary results show that digital planning of production has reduced our CO2 emissions by 7%.

Waste management

Another area of focus for our environmental work impact is waste management and the procurement of materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We work to minimise the physical impact, disruption and noise from construction sites. We also work together with property owners to avoid any negative impact on gardens or privately-owned land.


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