Fibre Force

We have to be mindful of other issues that we need to continue to focus on as markets develops and our customers’ demands evolve. We have named this initiative Eltel Fiber Force which consists of some base pillars.

  • Fibre Force is Eltel’s response to the future development of Europe’s communications infrastructure described in Eltel’s book Fibre Future.
  • Fibre Force is the way we organise our organisation.
  • Fibre Force is the common preamble for our Sales, Roll-Out Project and Services Assurance – Processes, Tools and Methodologies described in our Fibre Force Manual.
  • Fibre Force is describing our offer to our customers in a simple and easy understandable way.

Market offer throughout the FTTX network life cycle

We build our market offer based on a belief that Systematic work planning creates effectiveness. A tight dialogue with our customers and a deep understanding the end users needs is essential. Another, third basic part of our offer, is the use of modern IT-technology like for example electronic processes which validates and secures data, optimises the installations resources and cloud storage meaning that no redundant storage will be at place.

The Eltel Fibre Force FTTX Methodology is a backbone throughout the process and have been created in order to successfully retain and develop our processes. It consists of methodologies covering the whole process from project management to service assurance.

Plan and Design Services

Eltel has highly experienced design engineers with in depth knowledge not only in fibre networks but also in any kind of telecommunication network.

The Eltel Fibre Force FTTX project management methodologies, have been created in order to successfully retain and develop our processes and will now be a backbone in our Fibre Force offer. Where also efficient planning and follow-up tools to support planning and design is vital.

Roll-out services

In order to succeed we need to take a new approach to how to build, we have to build smarter than before. The key factor for this is our highly experienced project managers combined with standardized design concepts.

Another success factor is certified partnership where Eltel will assure that our partners are educated and qualified.

Service Assurance

Eltel already has highly experienced service engineers with the empowerment to make the right decisions. This competency will successively be transferred to the area of fiber optics. As well as to the locations where this ability is not as yet fully available.



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