The road to the future is made of fibre

Let’s travel on it together.

As one of Europe’s leading providers of technical services for fibre, electricity and telecommunications, Eltel is essential in helping build the future. We provide the services that enable information to flow, and thereby achieve digital connectivity, and the Internet of Things.

Why fibre – fibre technology?fibre

As soon as a family is more than two users who want to use media such as TV, Internet and telephony, fiber is the best solution. With fiber, you get a connection with superior capacity and reliability. A fiber network gives you fixed telephony that works even when the copper network is taken down, TV with perfect reception (including HD), Internet with maximum speed possible, both now and in the future.

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Fibre leads to amazing things

Believe it or not, fibre is the future. When it comes to our environment, our health, our knowledge, our safety and our commitment – fibre changes everything.

Fibre for our health

It is called Digital Health when digitalization determines the state of our health, which in turn demands fast and secure connectivity. Today there exists a range of apps, wearable systems and programs which support and provide us with the information we need to conduct lifestyle changes.

The benefits are:

  • We have the capacity to improve our own health with the knowledge we have at hand, without having to be held hostage by healthcare institutions
  • It gives us greater power by being aware in good time over changes in our health, we can either on our own or together with healthcare providers, plan the right remedy and ensure timely intervention
  • So called Big Data. From a broader perspective, these are enormous amounts of data which are used to foresee trends and predict the future. One of the most important social issues for securing welfare is disease prevention.
  • Programs that are both faster and more effective than manual scanning.
  • Last but not least, the costs will be a lot lower for both patients and healthcare providers.

Fibre for increased involvement

An open society necessitates citizens who are informed, educated and feel empowered. Citizens who feel that information is readily available and that they can actively contribute and influence. A progressive, modern society needs to look upon digital inclusion as a grounding democratic right.

The digital future will:

  • Empower the individual, which will mean more power to collectively build an open society
  • Manage virtually all available information
  • Create a network effect, which means when the value increases for each network user as each additional user who will
  • Increase the collective knowledge and new ideas can quickly spread

Fibre for heightened security

Security is a broad concept. It can be about the physical security of life and limb. It can also involve the security one feels with the realization that important information can be sent and received whether personal or professional. It can also be about having ready access to the local community public services such as police and healthcare. The engine that drives security is fast and secure connection.

Fibre Broadband is essential for:

  • Law enforcement. All monitoring will in theory be able to be automated
  • Our homes and businesses. They are already today monitored by security sensors. Tomorrow’s sensors will be more refined and able to make their own wise decisions
  • Sensors. Security is often associated with the dark side. Sensors can work to light up parks and secluded areas that are populated. Sensors can also reduce the risk of fires by automatically switching off components not in use
  • Making it possible to live and work out in the country. It is essential that infrastructure is developed to make the entire country more enjoyable and safer to live in

Fibre for our shared environmental responsibility

The really big shift when it comes to the environment is that we can increasingly select pixels before atoms. Written letters, newspapers and books are replaced by pixels. The movement of people through traffic can be replaced by meetings over the Internet. Digitization is one of the basic prerequisites for sustainability, which in turn is the goal of our shared environmental responsibility.

With a secure and fast connection we can:

  • Have the support of sensors in a range of areas
  • Achieve greater benefits for all, through The Internet of Things- the collective term for the networked society where people, information, processes and physical sensors exchange data
  • Use sensors that can be deployed in society and in nature to provide us with real time readings, which is important for environmental work.

Fibre for more knowledge

We all know that the digital rate of change is high. Think about it: the iPhone hit the market in 2007. And subsequently, for every year, nearly 2 billion smartphones are sold. In 2020, 80 % of the world’s population will be owning a smartphone. The human race is connected in everything, and every way. And we have to keep constantly acquiring knowledge of all the innovations that define our lives and are essential to our everyday lives.

This means that:

  • We need to educate ourselves continuously, through quick and secure network connection
  • Our contact with municipality, governmental authorities and business are being more digitally
  • Our own health will be controlled digitally
  • You need digital skills for personal fulfillment, active citizenship, social inclusion and employment
  • We are all secure in the intelligent use of the technologies that drive the information society within work, leisure and communication

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the collective term for the networked society where people, information, processes and physical sensors exchange data. IoT propels us into a world that only a few short years ago was considered to be science fiction. Here almost everything produced or installed has a sensor that allows it to communicate with the world around it. Globally, there are up to 50 billion smart devices capable of being connected to the Internet by 2020, so the Internet of Things is definitely set to become a big part of our lives.

The fibre situation today in Europe

Europe needs a rapid and reliable internet connection. It is an essential for the growth, wellbeing and success of businesses and communities. And Europa are actually lagging behind, and not prioritizing the resources for expanding internet access across the continent. The implications are severe, as this will affect our ability to compete and even contribute to the rest of the world.

  • 80 % of European households still do not have a fibre connection
  • There is a need for 3,000,000 km of fibre in Europe
  • Connecting fibre to the homes in Europe is the largest infrastructure
    since the railroads, telephone-lines and electric cables were built

Eltel has the solution

Eltel is #1 in Europe when it comes to installing fibre-optic networks. We are very much in sync with today’s market trends and demands and well understand the implications of a market in the process of change. Our expertise provides us with a keen insight into the possibilities for Eltel’s stakeholders to benefit from the developments in the market.

We have highly competent and experienced people. And we have a culture that makes us want to only deliver to the highest quality. Our ability to build on best practice, create and implement proven processes as well as relocate our employees geographically and organizationally will always ensure our leadership position. We can offer:

  • People power
    We have highly competent and experienced people. And we have a culture that makes us want to only deliver to the highest quality.
  • Solid partnerships 
    We ensure we have the capabilities to service customers with different business models and competencies. We are flexible and deliver according to our customers’ needs – whether a standard solution, or one that is tailored to local conditions and specific needs.
  • Attracting and maintaining the right people
    Our strategy is to work with other industry players, as well as with governments and institutions of higher learning. Thereby we will retain our skilled employees and recruit as needed.
  • Project without borders for economies of scale
    Just like highways and the power grid that do not end at international boundaries, the fibre network will not be territorial of nature. Economies of scale during construction and operation will drive the market to demand fibre providers across the borders with the ability to develop and deliver standardized processes and service levels.



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