Member of the FTTH Council in Europe

Europe needs a fibre infrastructure to stay competitive in the future. The only way to rapidly build this out to all of Europe is through standardisation. Eltel joins FTTH Council in Europe as the first company in the Construction industry with the ambition to drive innovative deployment methods and standardisation of design and material, which in turn will enable faster deployment of fibre.

Besides the design and material aspects are Eltel driving standardisation in terms of how to organise and run a fibre project efficiently, we call this initiative Eltel’s Fibre Force. Material suppliers and construction companies are welcome to join the Fibre Force to be able to benefit from Eltel’s best practices from Northern Europe where over 60% already has an FTTH access.


What is FTTH Council Europe?

The FTTH Council Europe is an industry organization whose mission is to accelerate the availability of fibre-based, ultra-high-speed access networks for the benefit of consumers and businesses.

The FTTH Council Europe has more than 150 members and a contracted team working to promote the benefits of fibre access across the continent

Their members are mostly organizations deploying FTTH, and manufacturers of FTTH solutions. In addition they have some academic institutions on board, and they also welcome members from sectors such as media and eHealth. (Text taken from the FTTH Council Europe homepage)


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