People and Society

Eltel wants to contribute to sustainable development and welfare in society through its services and by being the most attractive workplace in the infranet field. Employee engagement strengthens our operations and ultimately our customer satisfaction.

Delivering the lifelines of society

Eltel’s services ensure access to power and communication networks, which are critical in people’s everyday lives. The importance of our services has been highlighted by the extreme weather events in recent years. After an extreme weather event, Eltel strives to be the first on the scene to restore the infrastructure and facilitate rescue, by establishing telecommunications to people in the area and electricity for heat in private households for example.

Sustainable leadership

Managers have a great responsibility towards the people they lead, and indirectly towards the family and friends of employees. Time spent at work constitutes a large part of our lives and can really affect the people around us. In order to support our managers, we have developed a leadership framework with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and expectations. We trained many of our managers and are improving our production planning to facilitate the everyday work of our technicians.

All employees should have regular performance and development dialogues with their managers. This is an important way of establishing whether an employee needs further training, wants to develop or assume more responsibility. It is also a way of establishing whether changes are needed in order to avoid an unsustainable situation.

Our approach

We want to create a stimulating work environment with good opportunities to create employee engagement. This is a way of attracting the right people and ultimately improve our customer satisfaction. We strongly believe that diverse teams perform better.

Eltel has strategic targets for the number of annual training days and short-term sick leave. The Eltel Human Resources Policy and the Eltel Code of Conduct provide guidance in our work with employees and suppliers.


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