Policy for cookies

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small user-specific data file that is stored on your device (computer or mobile devices) when you visit on our website.

With cookies, Eltel can identify the device previously visited on our website and as a result we can improve our site experience. Many websites use cookies on their website and we are one of them.

This means that cookies alone are not enough for to identify you, but with other information it is possible and so cookies can be combined with you. Please note, that if you are identifiable through cookies, cookies are personal data processed in the manner required by the data protection law and you are completely safe.

And what are the uses for cookies?

By using cookies, we will be able to guarantee you the best experience when using our web site. Using cookies, we also collect statistics on the use of our websites and ensure security.

What is the cookies life cycle?

Cookies can be stored on your device permanently or by session, depending on the purpose.

Session-specific cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

The permanent cookies will remain on your hard drive even if you close your browser. This allows cookies to be used between browsing sessions. Permanent cookies will remain until you delete them.

How do you manage cookies?

Using cookies requires your consent, so you have the ability to manage cookies freely. By accepting cookies, you will get the most out of our website, so we recommend that you accept cookies. However, you have the option to deny cookies from your browser settings. You can also use cookie settings to clear your cookie history.