Eltel Power

Our lives would not be possible without electricity. We rely on a stable power transmission and distribution systems to transmit the electricity. It is not an exaggeration to call them the lifelines of modern society. Eltel’s Power segment builds, maintains and upgrades these lifelines.

Eltel’s Power segment provides maintenance of power grids, upgrades and project work to national transmission system operators and distribution network owners. The Power segment can be roughly divided into three areas: maintenance, projects and turnkey projects, in which Eltel is responsible for design, planning and construction of the project. Eltel operates in the Power segment in the Nordics, Germany and Poland. In line with strategy, Eltel will continue to focus on the Nordic markets, in which it has a market-leading position. Despite this, Eltel will retain its Polish and German businesses for the time being and continue to work on improving profitability.

In line with our Operational Excellence strategy, we have put a lot of effort into training and developing our people in project planning, cost control, resource planning and project governance. This is a way of promoting stronger customer focus and delivering on our customer promises.


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