Power – smarter grids for more sustainable electricity

Eltel builds, maintains and upgrades power transmission systems - society’s lifelines - and is a full service supplier of power distribution services. Our expertise covers everything from standard products to customised solutions. We ensure a safe and smart everyday energy supply and we do this from a leading position in our core markets.

The segment Power provides maintenance of electricity grids, as well as repair services, upgrading services and project work, primarily to national transmission system operators and owners of power distribution grids.

Most of the activities involve upgrading services and projects. Upgrades are normally completed in a few months, while normal project delivery takes 2–3 years. Average framework agreements extend over 3–5 years.

This segment is active in the Nordics, Poland and Germany and is characterised by long-term customer relationships. Demand in this sector is generally driven not by GDP but by demand for increased availability and capacity in the grid, as well as regulatory requirements.



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