Case stories

Case stories

The world’s coolest all-year indoor skiing facility with a Best in Class communication network

Standing in line at a traditional reception to buy ski passes? Not at SNO, Norway's first indoor ski resort. This is not what visitors to Norway's first indoor ski resort encounter. Instead, visitors buy...

Connecting to the future

A team stands around a mast outside Trondheim, Norway. It is quiet, and everyone is focused. The team leader is on the phone with the customer, and once he hangs up, they are supposed to carry three days...

A race against time

All eyes are on the 27-year-old from Rättvik, Sweden. The slope and the stands are full of people defying the sleet and snow to cheer her on. Anna Swenn-Larsson must give her best.

Enabling emergency networks in the mountains

Eltel has developed emergency communications networks in the remote Swedish mountains for people in need and rescue teams.

Eltel pioneers the future of infranet mapping in Finland

Eltel has conducted a pilot study to demonstrate the environmental, safety and efficiency benefits of using drone mapping for infranet planning.

Revolutionising Denmark’s rail traffic

Eltel is improving train punctuality and internet access for Danish passengers, in partnership with the country’s main rail operator.

Modernising electricity metering in Norway

Eltel installed more than 1,000,000 smart meters in Norwegian households and businesses between 2015 and 2019 to contribute towards a smarter and more sustainable society.