Supply chain

Eltel depends on its supply chain to get the work done and to live up to the standards and expectations of its stakeholders.

Our subcontractors

In a typical project, Eltel relies on a number of subcontractors, consisting of 1,200 in total. As project leader, we have overall responsibility for the site, including the work environment of subcontractors and employees, as well as the delivery to the customer.

All our subcontractors shall work according to our standards in order to meet expectations of our customers and other stakeholders. They sign our Code of Conduct and commit to other key policies and principles, including our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) controls, human rights and ethical behaviour.

We recommend that our suppliers and partners have valid ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certification. If they do not hold such certification, they are required to demonstrate their compliance by signing an agreement and participating in Eltel’s e-learning courses.

Managing the supply chain

Eltel is responsible for its supply chain, it poses a financial and legal risk to the company. Eltel has clear processes to ensure subcontractors sign up to the Eltel Code of Conduct. Eltel categorises subcontractors and suppliers according to their level of risk exposure. Partners rated as the highest risk, category A, are integrated into Eltel’s reporting procedures.

We regularly conduct audits of our subcontractors and if any non-compliance is found we implement an action plan together to ensure the subcontractor meets our standards. We also have a Management of Subcontractors (MoSC) system. In the system, the partner assesses its own operations, together with on-site audits conducted by Eltel, including both announced and unannounced audits.


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