Swedish Transport Administration renews faith in Eltel

Eltel has won a procurement contract involving operation/maintenance and contracts at Swedish Transport Administration sites throughout Sweden, in addition to Oslo and Copenhagen.Eltel has been under contract with the Swedish Transport Administration since 2010. The new deal includes a number of improvements which were agreed during the previous contract term.

Commencing on 1 December 2014, the contract runs for three years, with the option of a one plus one-year extension. It is estimated to be worth in excess of MSEK 300.

Focused on the Swedish Traffic Administration network, one of Sweden’s largest, the contract primarily involves work spanning a number of technical fields, such as IP-LAN, cable and mobile technologies. Round-the-clock service, installations and preventative error handling are also included in the agreement.

“For Eltel, this contract represents an endorsement to continue on the road we have begun to travel alongside the Swedish Transport Administration. Our specialisation and expert workforce combined with modern, effective mobile workplaces deliver unrivalled quality of supply. This also ensures superb efficiency resulting in low costs for the customer. We are extremely proud and delighted by the faith the Swedish Transport Administration has shown in us,” explains Peter Uddfors, President Fixed Telecom Eltel Networks.

More information:
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