Our approach to sustainability

There are two aspects to our approach – creating shared value by enabling a more sustainable society and ensuring a responsible business practice.

For Eltel, sustainability is about building a strong profitable company for the future, delivering lasting financial, social and environmental value to Eltel’s stakeholders. Eltel operates in a market that can help the world eliminate its carbon footprint.

Casimir Lindholm President and CEO

Shared value

Enabling a more sustainable society

We all depend on stable power and communication networks
because they are the lifelines of a modern society. Eltel builds,
maintains and upgrades these essential lifelines for national
network operators and owners.

This is Eltel

A responsible business

For people and the environment

Our Sustainability Plan 2021–2023 is based on five priority areas. The priority areas are the result of the materiality assessments on sustainability issues, including dialogue with our main stakeholders and alignment with international agreements and frameworks.

Our priority areas

Responsibility and governance

The Eltel Sustainability Committee, comprising business representatives from all Country Units, reports directly to the Group Management Team and the President and CEO, who is ultimately responsible for sustainability at Eltel. To further optimise the development going forward, a Sustainability Steering Group was established in 2020.

Stakeholder dialogue guides our approach

We actively engage with a variety of stakeholders at different levels. Stakeholder dialogue on the relevant topics is used to shape our strategic decision-making and Eltel’s Sustainability Plan. By meeting stakeholder expectations, we remain relevant as a partner, employer and investment opportunity.

Sustainability frameworks and reporting tools

Eltel is committed to a number of sustainability frameworks and reporting tools that help Eltel meet the expectations of its internal and external stakeholders – and help to further improve Eltel’s business.