Cross-border workforce provides Eltel with a unique competitive edge

Cross-border workforce provides Eltel with a unique competitive edge

Eltel has two highly skilled cross-border workforces. One team comprises high voltage transmission line technicians based in Poland and the other team comprises communication technicians based in Lithuania. These teams provide great flexibility to quickly meet changing market needs throughout the Nordics.

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Eltel’s approximately 170 cross-border employees based in Lithuania and Poland are all directly employed by the company. This highly competent and experienced international workforce provides Eltel with a unique competitive edge.

“Having a permanent cross-border workforce enables us to be sure that all our employees are well-trained and know how we work – including the use of the latest technological solutions and our safety practices,” says Juha Luusua, Managing Director of Eltel Finland.

Ensuring a skilled and flexible workforce

The lack of highly skilled technicians is an issue for all the Nordic countries. A cross-border workforce is also more flexible and able to work where needed.

“It’s difficult to hire skilled 5G technicians in the Nordics right now, but we have many of them in our cross-border workforce,” says Luusua. “For Eltel, this is incredibly valuable us to be able to meet any urgent need for highly skilled technicians in the Nordic region. This flexibility gives us a huge competitive edge compared to if we were to build a local team from scratch by hiring and training new employees.”