A resilient and robust power infrastructure allows renewable energy generation, electric vehicle charging and the smarter use of electricity. These are all building blocks for a carbonneutral society.

The power market can be roughly divided into three areas: maintenance, projects and turnkey projects, in which Eltel is responsible for design as well as planning and construction of the projects. Power constitutes around one third of Eltel's Group revenue.

Customer focus

We have put a lot of effort into training and developing our people in project planning, cost control, resource planning and project governance. This promotes a stronger customer focus and helps us to deliver on our customer promises.

Better planning procedures

Better planning procedures enable Eltel’s technicians to work in a more productively, efficiently and safely manner. It’s about optimising how every day is structured for individual technicians to ensure we have the right resources in the right place at the right time.

Eltel's main customers are power companies and large network owners. 


Our power services enable the electrification of society, which is essential for more sustainable energy systems and national carbon-neutrality objectives.

Power grid upgrades

The demand to upgrade outdated power grids remains strong. A significant driver for upgrading regional networks is the need for connecting renewable energy sources and electric vehicle charging stations.

Smart meters

The roll out of smart meters continues in various phases in our markets. This includes major ongoing roll outs and a pipeline for future projects.