Our people

Eltel’s goal is to be the most attractive employer in the industry by focusing on employee engagement and development opportunities.

Our approach

With around 5,000 employees, it is essential that we can attract, recruit and retain the right people. We aim to provide good development opportunities, and our commitment is for every employee to have an annual performance and development dialogue with their manager. We have several initiatives that promote the Eltel culture and a greater team spirit.

We conduct annual Group-wide employee engagement surveys and measure Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS) on a country level to assess employee job satisfaction based on their willingness to recommend Eltel to others.

Our progress in 2023

  • Eltel’s Employee Engagement Score improved for the fourth year in a row, to 3.9 (3.8), while the Employee Engagement Survey participation rate also increased to 85% (75). On average, our employees scored highly on relationships with colleagues, health and safety, as well as manager relations. Our employees rated topics related to feedback and purpose and vision the lowest.
  • Leadership development was in focus during the year through engagement with new and existing leaders and training to enhance leadership skills, ensure compliance and improve our processes.
  • New corporate values were developed based on input from more than 1,000 employees. To strengthen our culture, all employees were invited to participate in the development of Eltel’s new values.
  • Gender equality was promoted through gender pay gap assessments in selected countries. The assessments showed no or negligible pay disparity between genders at Eltel. In 2024, we will further expand the assessments to cover all Country Units.
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Guiding frameworks

SDGs 5, 8