Nicholas Sorensen – Senior Project Manager

Meet Nicholas Sorensen – Senior Project Manager , Offshore Telecom at Eltel.

Hi Nicholas. Tell us about your role at Eltel.

I run Eltel’s global offshore communication department. Together with my excellent team, we offer customers world-leading offshore radio link communication solutions with an outstanding level of service. I am also heavily involved in developing new market opportunities – including different industries from offshore wind to fish farms, and customers around the world.

Could you tell us what you do on a day-to-day basis?

My focus is on delivery and ensuring that we meet the expectations and needs of our customers. I manage purchasing, sourcing, logistics, quality, testing and offshore activities, project budgets and ensure good customer relations.

What do you enjoy most in your job?

The people I work with – I have a great team. I also appreciate the fact that every day is different in my role. It has been extremely satisfying to build an entirely new business within Eltel since 2019. 

How is Eltel as an employer?

Eltel is an excellent employer. I get the support I need and have the freedom to work with offshore clients as I know how to work with them – based on my experience in the industry.

Can you tell us what you are working on now?

We are continuing to expand Eltel’s offshore radio link communication business. We have developed a world-leading solution together with our supply chain partners that we are now offering to customers globally. We are currently tendering on projects in Latin America and Africa and are investigating opportunities to support offshore wind and fish farms, as well as 5G local offshore networks.

What are your future career hopes?

I am looking forward to continuing to develop Eltel’s offshore radio link communication business by expanding our offering and bringing it to more clients and in more industries. On a personal level, I aspire to help our clients to become more sustainable as better offshore communication enables more automated systems and less helicopter journeys.  
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