Our values

For Eltel, values are the guiding principles that shape our culture, behavior and decision making. Rooted in a collective vision for the future, these values not only inspire our teams, they empower us to carve out our own path in the industry. Explore the meaning behind the values here.

Create opportunities

The world is constantly changing and we believe that challenges and opportunities go hand in hand. That is why we are proactive and spur ourselves, our colleagues, partners, and customers to go further and beyond expectations. We enjoy thinking ahead and are always curious to explore the optimal way to get the job done. We drive development in both a profitable and sustainable manner. Our customers rely on us to challenge them, even when the status quo is more convenient.


Always professional

We have earned the trust of society thanks to our vast knowledge of the industry and our track record of never compromising on safety and quality. Staying close to our customers and partners allows us to be responsive to their needs in a holistic way. This is an important part of our history that we are proud of and intend to uphold. Regardless of role or situation we always do our best to meet our commitments and deadlines.


Care for life

Safety first is how we work in all aspects of our business. We take care of each other, follow safety guidelines, and have the right equipment on hand to ensure that everyone returns home safely every day. Together we foster a good work environment and strive for a healthy work-life balance. Care for life also means that we are responsible for our contribution to the planet, the climate, and the environment. We have ambitious sustainability targets and are committed to take the lead in the green transition. 


Combine strengths

By combining our skills, strengths, and perspectives we achieve the ultimate teamwork, which makes us succeed in a competitive market. Inclusion is our way of working because we know the importance of diversity to make a difference. Our collaboration is built on respect and curiosity towards each other, our customers and our partners. With an open culture of giving and receiving feedback we will continuously improve both our business and ourselves. We always strive to work across teams, business areas and countries where we possess an endless source of knowledge sharing.