Health and safety

Ensuring that our employees return home safely every day is our top priority.

At Eltel, safety is not just about personal protective equipment, incident reports and adjusting to the challenges of the current pandemic – it is a mindset that we choose to adopt every day.

A robust safety culture

We work hard to foster a culture in which safety is a primary concern among our employees and subcontractors. The proactive work to prevent and reduce the number of workplace injuries and accidents and to promote health and well-being has continued since 2015.

Risk analysis, the proper equipment, the right training and the correct information are a prerequisite for all assignments. The reporting and follow-up of risk observations, incidents and accidents and the analysis of near misses and potential incidents provide valuable insights into our preventive safety work.

Follow-up dialogue with employees who are ill and rehabilitation support for employees on long-term sick leave are also important measures for reducing absence due to illness.

As part of Eltel’s risk assessment processes, we have identified that the health and safety of our personnel is our main area of focus in terms of our salient human rights risks. The risk mitigating processes, KPI tracking, incident investigations and reporting to senior management as described above are prioritised by the company.

Achievements in 2022

First ever injury free month, October 2022.                                                                                       

Good progress on LTIFR and the increased use of safe job analysis (SJA).

Health and safety risks

Eltel has clearly defined the most salient the health and safety risks for our employees. High-risk activities related to day-to-day operations include electrical safety, working at height, managing ageing infrastructure, and road safety. Road safety is a particularly important area for Eltel as teams spend a lot of time on the road driving from one site to the next. Eltel is constantly seeking to identify and implement more modern and safer solutions and processes in order to reduce risk.

Guiding frameworks

ISO 45001