Eltel sustainability priority areas

For people and the environment. We consider our priority areas to be our most important priorities in terms of managing our sustainability impacts.

Eltel sustainability is based on five priority areas

Health and safety

At Eltel, safety is not just about personal protective equipment, incident reports and adjusting to the current pandemic challenge – it is a mindset that we choose to adopt every day.

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Environment and climate

Eltel is active in an industry that plays a key role in the transformation to a low-carbon society.

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People and society

The competitive advantage of Eltel is our employees, and the goal is to be the most attractive workplace in the infranet field.

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Supply chain

Eltel’s subcontractors and suppliers are significant partners in our value chain, helping us to ensure reliable delivery and quality of services.

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Business ethics

Solid business ethics are the foundation of a healthy business and we have an important role to play as a good corporate citizen.

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