Environment and climate

Eltel aims to manage and minimize the climate and environmental footprint of the projects it delivers in a way that goes beyond its own operations.

Our approach

We address the most significant direct environmental impacts of our operations – emissions from our fleet of over 3,000 vehicles. We also work on the efficient sorting
and recycling of waste in our operations and on increasing the proportion of renewable energy we source.

Going forward, we will work to reduce the climate impact of our entire value chain by ensuring our suppliers commit to reducing their emissions.

Our progress in 2023

  • New Environmental Policy adopted that includes more clearly defined goals on waste and circularity, material use, biodiversity, chemicals and hazardous materials.
  • Good progress on fleet electrification by increasing our proportion of electric vehicles from 3.2% to 9.3%. Our electric vehicles avoided around 1,000 metric tons of CO2 during the year. We also revised our vehicle emissions KPI to focus exclusively on fully electric vehicles to better monitor our progress toward our long-term ambition to electrify our fleet.
  • Significant upgrades to our climate impact monitoring were made during the year. We transitioned to quarterly emissions accounting, as opposed to the previous annual approach, and set up dashboards to track and forecast our progress in reducing fleet emissions. We also developed our ability to report emissions to our customers at a project level.

Guiding frameworks

ISO 14001
SDGs 13, 7, 12