Modern and high-capacity communication networks support the digitalisation of society and enable people to interact in new ways. This reduces the need to travel and creates new opportunities for people and businesses.

Eltel’s communication offering provides a broad range of services from designing and planning to the building, installing, upgrading, operating and servicing of mobile and fixed communication networks. Communication constitutes around two thirds of Eltel's Group revenue.


Customer focus

We develop and provide services for both new and existing customers that complement our core business offering. This includes services related to indoor coverage, private 5G networks, Network Operations Centres (NOCs) and OTIT (Operation Technology IT) solutions.

Right skills and best tools

It is our technicians who meet our end customers and it is important that we have the right skills and best tools in order to guarantee a good customer experience, while also streamlining the planning of our technicians’ daily tasks. 

Eltel's main customers are large telecom operators and communication network owners. Eltel’s business generally involves long-term relationships with a steady inflow of orders generated by framework agreements.


We optimise communication networks and help meet societal needs for greater digitalisation, which is revolutionising how we live, work and play.


Eltel is a frontrunner in the sizable 5G mobile communication roll out market in the Nordics. The 5G market is expected to be a growth market in the coming years as roll out continues along with the need to densify and further enhance the network.


Fibre penetration is high in Sweden and partly in Norway. However, as it remains a growth area in Denmark and Finland, it continues to be important to our business.