Responsible procurement

Eltel places environmental and social demands on its subcontractors and material suppliers – including manufacturers and wholesalers.

Our approach

We have clear processes in place that ensure our supply chain partners sign up to the Eltel Supplier Code of Conduct and commit to our other key policies and principles.

We are increasingly looking at the social and environmental impacts of the materials Eltel sources, such as equipment, cables, steel, asphalt and concrete, on turnkey projects where Eltel delivers a complete solution.

Our progress in 2023

  • New Supplier Code of Conduct adopted to provide ethical guidance that is tailored to our supply chain partners. All our subcontractors and suppliers must comply with the code to ensure they are aligned with our ethical principles and standards.
  • New resources dedicated to supply chain engagement processes were brought in and responsible sourcing as a key strategic area was underscored to the Group’s Management Team as the incoming General Counsel was appointed as the Head of Sourcing.

  • New Group-wide ESG platform was developed and configured for implementation in 2024 to collect more detailed sustainability information from our supply chain partners and to coordinate Eltel’s supply chain engagement activities. The platform will allow our key partners to conduct self-assessments of their ESG performance and collect information on supplier audits in a centralized manner. It will also enable us to better track our suppliers’ commitment to science-based climate targets. The collected ESG data will be used in supplier evaluations and will drive responsible procurement going forward.

Guiding frameworks

SDGs 5, 8, 12, 13

Eltel - Code of Conduct