Preferred nationwide 5G and FWA partner in Norway

Preferred nationwide 5G and FWA partner in Norway

Eltel is working with Telenor and Telia in Norway to install the latest network solutions.

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In Norway, Eltel has been a vital part of the 5G roll out from the very beginning, participating in field pilots back in early 2019. A large-scale 5G roll out has started in all major cities and is expected to cover the entire country by 2024.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) – a game changer for wireless broadband

Currently, FWA mainly runs on 4G, but this is rapidly changing as network operators gradually upgrade to 5G – making FWA a fully-fledged alternative to fibre. FWA is particularly useful in rural areas and can provide everyone with cost-effective and high-speed communication.

“Eltel is proud to be the preferred partner and main provider of 5G and FWA for the largest telecom operators in Norway,” says Joakim Johansen, FWA Expert at Eltel Norway. “Upgrading to 5G enables more stable FWA networks offering greater speed, capacity and opportunities for additional services.”

Societal benefit

“As FWA does not require excavations in order to lay cables, it reduces environmental impact and speeds up the connection process,” says Johansen. “Most of the equipment we have in Norway is also 5

G-ready, which means we don’t need to replace it with new hardware.”

Networks enhanced by 5G and FWA will enable more people to work from home and travel less, while also benefitting from greater connectivity and the Internet of Things.

Key facts

Clients: Telenor and Telia
Services: 5G and FWA installation
Period: ongoing