Esbjerg station in Denmark
Photo: Robert Attermann / RED STAR
Source: Banedanmark

Securing train operation and passenger comfort in Denmark

Eltel maintains power conversion stations in Copenhagen and preheater stations throughout Denmark to ensure trains run smoothly while promoting passenger comfort.

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The two 4-year contracts for Banedanmark were won in 2021 to maintain and service power convertor stations for the commuter S-train (Danish: S-tog) in Copenhagen and train preheater stations throughout the Danish railway network.

“We are very proud to manage these prestigious and essential servicing contracts,” says Claus Metzsch Jensen, Managing Director at Eltel Denmark. “The project allows us to demonstrate our skills and capabilities, while playing our part in keeping trains running and promoting passenger comfort.”

Safeguarding key public transport infrastructure

The Copenhagen S-train is a key part of public transport in the city. Eltel services and maintains all 37 of the conversion stations that convert the 10 kV high voltage power supply to the required 1.65 kV to power the trains. It also conducts all scheduled maintenance and resolves any issues.

Promoting rail passenger comfort throughout Denmark

The preheater contract involves the servicing and maintenance of all 15 train preheater stations located throughout Denmark. The stations pre-heat or cool passenger carriages before use to ensure they are at the right temperature for passengers. They also preheat locomotives to ensure they are ready to run when needed. Photo: Robert Attermann / RED STAR
Source: Banedanmark

Key facts

Client: Banedanmark
Services: Maintenance and servicing of rail power infrastructure
Period: 2021-2025 (plus potential 2-year extension)