Eltel and Elisa renews important frame agreement in Finland

Eltel Finland prolongs its partnership with Elisa, a leading Finnish telecommunications company,  and has renegotiated price and commercial terms in an open ended contract, with a frame agreement for the coming two years valued at approximately EUR 62 million. 

Eltel will provide end-to-end solutions, covering all aspects of mobile and fixed network operations across Finland. This includes network planning, construction, installation, and maintenance, ensuring seamless and high-quality telecommunications services for Elisa's customers. 

The two-year extension is effective immediately, further solidifying Eltel's role in supporting Elisa. 

Further information: 

Alexandra Kärnlund, Director, Communications 
Phone: +46 70 910 0903, alexandra.karnlund@eltelnetworks.com

About Eltel 

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