Electric excavator trial with customer to reduce emissions

Electric excavator trial with customer to reduce emissions

Eltel trialled an electrical excavator on the Helen Electricity Network project in Helsinki to demonstrate how electrical equipment can reduce local emissions and noise.

5 min

Less disturbance and less environmental impact

The trial, which was conducted in partnership with Helen Electricity Networks, was the first of its kind on the streets of Helsinki and demonstrated how electric equipment can contribute to less noisy work sites and a better environment for workers and the local community.

The City of Helsinki and Helen Electricity Network are working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2035. Diesel-powered heavy machinery such as excavators produce greenhouse gases, harmful emissions and engine noise.

Tested in a demanding urban environment

The electric excavator was trialled in Helsinki city centre in order to put it to the test in a busy urban environment with paved surfaces. The electric excavator performed as well as a traditional excavator of similar size and class and was also much quieter.

Eltel offers cost-optimised high-quality services, and such electric equipment will help us to provide a low-carbon footprint solution to our customers.