Re-connecting power for millions in Ukraine

Re-connecting power for millions in Ukraine

Eltel is restoring a power connection between a power station in southeast Poland and Ukraine. This solution will provide a reliable electricity supply for 10 million Ukrainians in the west of the country.

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The electricity supply in Ukraine has been disrupted since Russia invaded the country in 2022. By restoring the overhead power lines and supporting the power infrastructure that was originally built in 1985 between Eastern Poland and Western Ukraine, Eltel is contributing towards improved energy security for millions of Ukrainians.

Eltel rapidly dismantled and replaced the power infrastructure in Poland over a period of 50 days in 2022. Some of the dismantled infrastructure will later be installed in Ukraine by another company.

"We are proud that the network operator Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne SA (PSE SA) entrusted Eltel with such a strategically important project,” says Leon Najowicz, Project Manager at Eltel. "Eltel is honoured to play its part in helping to supply reliable power to Ukraine in its time of need."

Key facts

Client: PSE SA
Services: Power line restoration
Period: 2022