Making 1.5 million Swedish homes smarter

Making 1.5 million Swedish homes smarter

Eltel is one of the main installers of the latest generation of smart meters in Swedish homes and businesses around the country.

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Eltel installed around 500,000 meters between 2019 and the end of 2022. Another one million meters will be installed by the end of 2024, when all Swedish properties are required to be equipped with the latest type of smart meter in accordance with government legislation.

Greater functionality delivers end user benefits

“The latest smart meters have enhanced functionalities such as real-time electricity monitoring and the possibility to feed small-scale renewable energy generation into the grid,” explains Johan Hellström, Business Development Manager – Smart Grids. “In this time of uncertainty in the electricity market, smart meters are more important than ever as they enable people to monitor and reduce their energy consumption and even sell their own electricity produced on their premises.”

An eye on future business opportunities

The team is currently focused on the smart meter rollout and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. But Johan is already looking at potential follow-up contracts.

“As the leading installer of smart meters in Sweden, we are the natural supplier to provide aftermarket services in the future, including smart meter maintenance framework agreements. In the coming years, I think we will also have other interesting smart grid opportunities related to smart city infrastructure to further optimise power networks,” concludes Johan.