Eltel Power Transmission signed a 110 kV green field substation contract in Finland

Eltel Power Transmission has signed a 110 kV green field substation contract with Fingrid in Finland. 

New Siikajoki substation will be an important point of 110 kV grid, serving both the local production and consumption. The contract includes construction of 110 kV outdoor switchgear, construction of primary and secondary circuits, control room building, fencing and construction of the access control system, including burglary alarm system. The new substation will be built in Siikajoki, Northern Ostrobothnia Region of Finland.

The project is implemented in close cooperation with Eltel Networks Poland, where Eltel has a strong expertise in design and execution of substation projects.

−The contract is important for Eltel, as it is an opening of complete delivery of substation projects with Fingrid. This agreement, together with Pyhänselkä−Siikajoki and Kalajoki−Siikajoki 110 kV + 400 kV transmission line projects that Eltel won at the end 2014, create a significant project entity, says Ari Eskola, from Eltel Power Transmission.

For more information, please contact:
Axel Hjärne, CEO Eltel AB, axel.hjarne@eltelnetworks.com