Eltel wins new scope with the Swedish Defence

Eltel has been a winner to add new scope to frame agreement with the FMV (FMV is a civil authority under the Ministry of Defence in Sweden). The contract consists of 140 functional objects for the command and control systems of battalion staff. Works are scheduled to be delivered during 2015 and the first quarter 2016.

The Swedish Defence is updating its command and control systems and adapt them to a IP based platform. Eltel’s new scope consists of project management, construction, installation, logistics support, system safety work and documentation. Delivery contains of 140 so called “functional objects” with a split of 50% command and control containers and 50% communication modules.  

About Eltel
Eltel is a leading European provider of technical services for critical infrastructure networks – Infranets – in the segments of Power, Communication and Transport & Defence, with operations throughout the Nordic and Baltic regions, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Africa. Eltel provides a broad and integrated range of services, spanning from maintenance and upgrade services to project deliveries. Eltel has a diverse contract portfolio and a loyal and growing customer base of large network owners. The number of employees is approximately 8,500 and in 2013, Eltel sales amounted to EUR 1.15 billion.

In the segment Transport & Defence, the business unit Homeland Security & Aviation provides complex technical services to defence and aviation authorities including installation, maintenance and operations support for radio, tele- and data communications, high-end solutions to the defence sector and voice and IP solutions to enterprises.

For more information, please contact:
Axel Hjärne, CEO Eltel AB, axel.hjarne@eltelnetworks.com