Eltel has published the Annual Report 2015 and the Corporate Governance Report 2015

Eltel has today published its Annual Report 2015 on the company’s website http://www.eltelgroup.com/en/eltel-annual-report-2015/. The Report is available in Swedish and English. The printed copies of the Annual Report will be available in Swedish and English on 20 April 2016 at the latest. They can be ordered by email from info@eltelnetworks.com and at http://www.eltelgroup.com/en/order-printed-material/.

Eltel has also published its Corporate Governance Report 2015 in Swedish and English and these are available at http://www.eltelgroup.com/en/eltel-corporate-governance-report-2015/. The report has been prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the Swedish Corporate Governance Code valid as of November 2015.

For further information:
Ingela Ulfves
VP – IR and Group Communications
Tel: +358 40 311 3009, ingela.ulfves@eltelnetworks.com

About Eltel
Eltel is a leading European provider of technical services for critical infrastructure networks – Infranets – in the segments of Power, Communication and Transport & Security, with operations throughout the Nordic and Baltic regions, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Africa. Eltel provides a broad and integrated range of services, spanning from maintenance and upgrade services to project deliveries. Eltel has a diverse contract portfolio and a loyal and growing customer base of large network owners. The current number of employees is approximately 9,600. In 2015 Eltel’s net sales amounted to EUR 1,255 million. Since February 2015, Eltel AB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.