Eltel technicians restoring power in Finland after “Rauli” storm

The “Rauli” storm moved through Finland during the weekend and it was one of the most massive summer storms in many years. The strong storm wind caused massive power outages and almost 200,000 households went out of power at the same time. More than 280 Eltel electricians and engineers worked in the field during the weekend to restore electricity supplies as quickly as possible.

The storm hit strong over half of the country and electricity networks in large areas were affected. Skilled electricians were rapidly needed in those areas to speed up restoration and reduce response time.

“In the last few years several weather events have afflicted us in Finland and we have improved our storm restoration process further, Juha Luusua President of Eltel’s Power Distribution says.” Most of the network operators contact us well in advance, and we immediately increase the amount of stand-by teams. This means that our field service teams are ready to be dispatched before the storm has even begun.

“Also this time our optimised process worked well. Our experienced foremen, our technicians’ admirable attitude and the efficient cooperation between the different actors and areas made it possible to, during one day, mobilise more than one hundred linesmen to the worst affected areas to assist local staff”, Luusua explains.

“It is an honour for our staff to meet the needs of our customer’s and secure that the networks will be repaired efficiently”, Luusua proudly concludes.