Eltel’s work is critical for society’s lifelines

The possibility for many people to work from home is a prerequisite for limiting the spread of COVID-19. As the Nordic region’s leading provider of technical solutions for power and communications networks, our work is critical for society’s lifelines to be robust and reliable. This responsibility goes beyond our own business.

Every day, Eltel works to maintain and deliver power and communication networks throughout the Nordics. We do everything from ensuring railway signalling systems work and hospitals have access to medical record systems – to ensuring that heavy industry has sufficient electricity.

To limit the spread of COVID-19, home internet access must work properly. People must be able to carry out their work, participate in video calls and upload large files with the same ease as if they were in the office. This puts power and communication networks to the test.

So far, infrastructure has proved robust and coped with these demands without major issues. However, we follow the situation closely and take ongoing measures to safeguard our operations.

I am very proud of the work our people do every day to secure the lifelines of society, high up in transmitter masts, digging trenches and at large companies. We are playing an important role in maintaining critical societal functions in this difficult situation.

Casimir Lindholm Eltel President and CEO