Eltel AB establishes Sustainability-Linked Finance Framework and contemplates issuance of hybrid capital securities


Eltel AB (publ) (“Eltel”) has established a Sustainability-Linked Finance Framework (the “Eltel SLF Framework”) designed to support the future issuance of sustainability-linked securities by Eltel. For the securities issued under the Eltel SLF Framework, a premium will be payable or the interest rate will change if Eltel fails to meet the predefined sustainability performance targets at an agreed testing date for a designated sustainability performance indicator. By setting up the Eltel SLF Framework, Eltel strives to contribute to solving the major issues related to climate change and to establish a structure for integrating sustainability features in its financing.

Furthermore, Eltel has mandated Danske Bank A/S, Nordea Bank Abp and OP Corporate Bank plc to act as joint lead managers (the “Joint Lead Managers”) to arrange fixed income investor meetings starting on 27 March 2023 in order to investigate the prerequisites for potentially issuing subordinated sustainability-linked hybrid capital securities under the Eltel SLF Framework. The expected size of the potential issue is minimum EUR 20 million and certain existing shareholders have informed Eltel that they intend to subscribe for EUR 10 million in the potential issue. The capital securities are envisaged to not have a maturity date but to be subject to an increased interest rate level as from 3.25 years after the issue date. The net proceeds from such an issue would be used for partially refinancing certain existing indebtedness of Eltel and to support Eltel’s expansion within renewable energy infrastructure and efforts to improve profitability. Subject to prevailing market conditions, an issue of such capital securities may follow in the near future.

Since 2022, Eltel is committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (the “SBTi”) to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. On 20 December 2022, Eltel announced that its sustainability performance targets had been approved by the SBTi, which demonstrates Eltel’s commitment to tackling climate change and aligning its efforts with the objectives of the Paris climate agreement.


The Eltel SLF Framework has been established in accordance with the Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles (“SLBP”) which is a voluntary framework that provides guidelines for how forward-looking sustainability goals can be integrated into bonds. The guidelines were launched in 2020 by the International Capital Markets Association. An external assessment by Morningstar Sustainalytics, a provider of second party opinions, confirms that the Eltel SLF Framework is aligned with the SLBP with ambitious target settings.


The Eltel SLF Framework and the second party opinion are available at Eltel’s website, https://www.eltelgroup.com/sustainable-financing.

Danske Bank A/S, Nordea Bank Abp and OP Corporate Bank plc act as joint lead managers and Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd acts as legal advisor in relation to Eltel’s potential issue of sustainability-linked hybrid capital securities. Danske Bank A/S acts as the sole sustainability structuring adviser to Eltel.


For further information:

Saila Miettinen-Lähde

Chief Financial Officer

+358 405 483 695, saila.miettinen-lahde@eltelnetworks.com


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Director, Communications and Investor Relations

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About Eltel
Eltel is a leading service provider for critical infrastructure that enables renewable energy and high-performing communication networks. Eltel designs, plans, builds and secures the operation of networks for a more sustainable and connected world today and for future generations. In total, we have about 5,000 employees and in 2022 the annual sales was EUR 823.6 million. The head office is located in Sweden and Eltel's shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2015. Read more at www.eltelnetworks.com.

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