Eltel’s fixed communication business has agreed on the extension of its contract with Trafikverket in Sweden

Eltel’s fixed communication business has signed a one-year extension of its current agreement with Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration). The value of the contract extension is approximately EUR 15 million and it will extend until the end of 2018.

The extension of the contract is based on the three-year agreement from 2015 in which the companies agreed on a two-year option. The current extension leaves one more option year open for a later decision. The contract comprises installation and maintenance services 24/7 of the Transport Administration’s IT facilities along the railway and road infrastructures and covers the whole of Sweden. Eltel and Trafikverket have been contract partners since 2011.

Peter Uddfors, President – Eltel Fixed Communication comments:
“Utilising the option for extending our current contract with Trafikverket is great news for us. We are extremely happy about the trust of Trafikverket in Eltel’s competence to deliver the services where one of the most important indicators is the delivery reliability of urgent customer orders. The extended contract period provides an opportunity to further develop our performance and our good partnership with Trafikverket. It also highlights the long term nature of the business to deliver technical Infranet services.”

For further information:
Ingela Ulfves
VP – Investor Relations and Group Communications
Tel: +358 40 311 3009, ingela.ulfves@eltelnetworks.com 

Hannu Tynkkynen
Director – External Communications and Sustainability
Tel: +358 40 311 4503, hannu.tynkkynen@eltelnetworks.com 

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