Eltel vital role in Stockholm’s traffic transformation

Eltel vital role in Stockholm’s traffic transformation

Stockholm bypass is a massive infrastructure project with roads and tunnels in Stockholm. When opened, it will profoundly change the traffic situation for the better. Eltel is a crucial part of this transformation, and has an important role in many parts of the project.

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Stockholm Bypass, a new section of the E4 highway,  is the largest road and tunnel project ever in the Stockholm area and Eltel is responsible for setting up communication and safety systems. Included in these systems are things like cameras, radios, and phones to keep the people safe. Eltel is responsible for the design and installation of these systems.

A cleaner, easier city to live in

Stockholm bypass will have a big impact on people’s lives and contribute to a better environment for the people living in the city. It will reduce noise and air pollution by taking traffic away from heavily trafficked roads close to the city center. This means cleaner air and less traffic stress for the people.

“When the traffic pressure on the main roads in Stockholm decreases, it not only eases traffic and people's daily lives but also improves emission levels and air quality in and around Stockholm. This, in turn, makes Stockholm a more modern and sustainable city to live and stay in,“ says Kent Landar Administratively Responsible at Eltel.

It will also make life easier. Faster travel and better roads will help businesses and people get around. With less traffic in the city, reduced traveling times will not only make it easier to go to work or visit friends, it will reduce emissions from cars and trucks. This means a cleaner, more connected and more comfortable city.

Stockholm Bypass is a great example of how big projects can help the environment and the community. Eltel's role is crucial, being experts in making this green vision come true.

A complex project

Stockholm Bypass is a complex project with numerous stakeholders, requiring meticulous coordination at every step. Delays at any point in the process can have cascading effects throughout the entire project, emphasizing the need for flawless execution.

“It’s a complex project with many stakeholders, requiring a lot of coordination. If there are any delays in the chain, it affects the entire project,” Kent Landar continues. “We have a lot of experience in these sorts of projects and have previously been involved in installing similar equipment in other large infrastructure projects. For example we designed the communication platform that the Swedish Transport Administration uses today.”